Digital Transformation


The digital innovation landscape is becoming very complex with large companies investing in new technologies and startups competing with new online offerings. Digital consultancies are generally well-positioned and networked in the market to be able to create a robust competitive reporting of who is doing what and which competitors present the greatest threats. Companies have finally realized that a “CDO” position should be created so as to be up to the threats that they finally face in the near future.

To take on the threat we offer our Digital Consultancy Services wherein we help you identify the various aspects of managing your post-digitization process. The many aspects we help you with are :

  • Help you create a Digital Strategy
  • Assist you with planning a Digital Transformation
  • Offer you digital analysis of data
  • Keep up with your competitors with respect to the latest trends in Digital Technology

Capacity Building

Social Media Management has become one of the fastest growing management streams in the last few years. Social Media Management not only takes care of postings on Facebook or putting up a Tweet on Twitter but also data mining, inspection of every action through detailed data collection, cleaning and modelling leading to discovery of useful information and thus suggesting ways to increase revenue, cuts costs, or both. We also offer customized Social Media/Digital Marketing Workshops for corporations, who are interested in leveraging Digital Marketing to get to the next level.

The various channels commonly used for enhancement of Social Media presence are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Blogs.

Through methodical measurement of data and research we offer customized solutions, depending on the need of the client. Our specialists work together to create elegant, useful, unique solutions to a wide variety of business challenges on the digital platforms whether it is on the web or the mobile. Our creative and tech teams work in close tandem throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring our user interface, visual design, and the technologies with which we deliver are a wonderful sight.


Technology Management


As you work to maximize revenues from your marketing campaigns, you need tools that work with you so you can plan effectively, target precisely, budget resourcefully, monitor data efficiently, and analyze in real time.

  • Campaign Management Software Systems
  • Advertising
  • Event Management

Event Management

Event Management is a highly specialized and customized service today.

We offer boutique event management solutions as per the needs of the client.

From Exhibitions, Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Business Events to Social Media Networking events.


Media Planning and Strategy Creation


Based on our in-depth knowledge of the market and through the use of strategic tools, we will help you determine which media to use, be it television programs, print, outdoor, POP (Point of Purchase)

  • Various Channels like TV, Radio, Internet
  • Press Releases
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Blogs

Content Creation

  • Webinars – Online and Offline
  • Magazines – Monthly/Quarterly Paper Newsletter
  • E-books – Magazines in digital format
  • Presentations on individual topics
  • Interviews with subject experts